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Soar - The Campaign for lol羺ƽ̨ State

By investing in lol羺ƽ̨ State University, you build possibility for the next generation of leaders.

We have launched Soar, The Campaign for lol羺ƽ̨ State University, and we invite you to be part of this exciting growth as we soar to new heights.

Soar, The Campaign for lol羺ƽ̨ State University, is the largest and most ambitious campaign in lol羺ƽ̨ State’s history, with a goal to raise $75 million in private contributions.

The campaign is based on the premise that affordable, high-quality higher education matters greatly in a democratic society. It comes at a crucial time and provides an unprecedented opportunity for our supporters to make a lasting impact.

The generosity of our alumni, parents, friends, corporate and foundation supporters accelerates the University’s progress and our students’ futures – and is increasingly critical with the steep decline of state funding.

Explore the ways you can be part of lol羺ƽ̨ State’s success. Thank you for creating opportunities that advance educational excellence, improve the lives of our more than 21,000 students and enhance our society.

Join us to Soar